23 David Rose Gifs That Perfectly Describe The Writing Process

“I’m obsessed with this.”

– David Rose if he read this article (probably)

When a new project idea pops into your head even though you haven’t finished the other 17.

When you write 150 words after three days of nothing.

When your critique partner ~doesn’t get~ a scene you poured your heart and soul into and suggests you delete it.

You, after you kill your first darling in editing.

When your characters just won’t do what you want them to do.

After you submit a piece, read it over, and realize you missed a typo.

When your friends/family aren’t as excited about your writing as you.

During editing when you see all the plot holes Past You left Present You to fill.

When you get your first rejection.

You after dozens of rejections.

When someone loves a line you also thought was great but didn’t want to get *too* excited about.

When your CP calls you out for the number of adverbs in your piece.

When someone tries to compliment you for writing a WHOLE ASS BOOK but you can’t accept compliments.

Your (wise and healthy) inner voice when you feel Imposter Syndrome setting in.

When you offer to critique someone’s writing you’ve never worked with before.

When you FINALLY finish your manuscript.

Your CPs/beta readers when they read your incredibly dark work.

You, to yourself, looking at your New Year’s writing resolutions in June.

When you receive feedback and it makes no sense.

When you write YA but you’re definitely not 13 – 17 years old anymore.

When your rose-colored vision of being a published author is corrected by a seasoned author.

The literal moment your CP finishes your book.

You, when you realize just how much you love the rollercoaster that is writing.

Happy Pop Tv GIF by Schitt's Creek - Find & Share on GIPHY

Warmest regards and best wishes!

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