Eta and her all-female crew rule six seas of Ondur and sail as the undisputed Pirate Queens.

She’s also secretly a mermaid—a race despised by those on land.

When a vengeful warlock declares war against her—charring her ships and killing most of her sailors—Eta plans to rebuild her empire and exact revenge on the unprovoked attack.

With a skeleton crew—Jaice, Eta’s loyal first mate, Anne, the governor’s exiled daughter, Mina, an adventurous island native, and Yöshe, the ship’s dim-witted deckhand and only male—Eta puts her rash plans into action and is quickly thwarted by the warlock.

Unwilling to resign her crew to a painful death, Eta reveals her scaly secret and swims Jaice, Anne, Mina, and Yöshe to the underwater kingdom she abandoned six years ago. When they arrive, the crew accidentally crashes the engagement party of the prince who’s heart Eta broke years ago.

Under the waves, Eta’s faced with a choice: stay safe behind the confines of a kingdom she hates or risk her crew’s life for a life that she loves?