The Last McNary

In the near future, hospitals and governments are interlinked and hold a monopoly over the world’s resources. Due to a blood-based epidemic ravaging the global population, currency has shifted from paper money to blood.

25-year-old Bridie, orphaned nearly two decades ago with no memory of her past, prepares herself to survive the coming winter as she always does: alone. Across the city of Zenith, 14-year-old Dyanna St. Sapien, the stuffed-away lovechild of a hospital president, fights to gain approval in the eyes of her father by embarking on a dangerous mission.

When the two girls meet, discover they’re both haunted by terrifying ghosts, and come to the realization that nothing is left for them in Zenith, Bridie and Dyanna resolve to leave the city behind. Before they can escape, Dyanna’s father finds the girls, banishing Bridie to bleed for the rest of her life in a hospital while keeping Dyanna tighter than ever under his thumb.

As tensions rise and secrets are unearthed, Bridie and Dyanna work from separate ends of the city to survive the winter, escape their demons, and unravel the harrowing truths behind a tragedy that befell Zenith 15 years ago.

The Last McNary is a dark, loose Romanov retelling and narrated from dual points of view.


Red liquid pools into my tenth vial as I crouch in an alleyway on the outskirts of the Bloat, Zenith’s largest and poorest district. After nearly 15 years of drawing my own blood, I shouldn’t loathe needles. Maybe if they weren’t the cause of all my bruises, or maybe if I wasn’t one of the only people left in Zenith with O-negative blood, I’d be less wary of them.

Bridie, Chapter 1

“What are you getting out of this?” Mercy asks, ignoring Miles’ retort. 

“Besides the ever-illusive approval and praise from Wald?” I laugh half-heartedly. “Wald showed me a press release he’s willing to send if I succeed. As soon as I bring the girl back, the public will finally know I exist. I’ll be a true part of the St. Sapien family.”

Dyanna, Chapter 2

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