The Last McNary

In the near future, hospitals and governments are interlinked and hold a monopoly over the world’s resources. Due to a blood-based epidemic ravaging the population, currency has shifted from paper money to clean blood.

25-year-old Bridie, orphaned 15 years ago with no memory of her past, attempts to survive in the city of Zenith as one of the last people with O-negative blood. As a series of betrayals leaves Bridie captured as a hospital blood slave, she believes her short life to be over between the constant bloodletting and eerie ghosts who terrorize her dreams.

On the opposite side of Zenith, 25-year-old Miles St. Sapien lives in a life of luxury and hates every second of it. Haunted by the vicious slaughter of his childhood best friend and her family, he spends his days shirking responsibility, drinking to near liver failure, and annoying his younger sister, Dyanna.

When Dyanna’s sudden disappearance begins to unravel a mystery two decades in the making, Miles and Bridie form an uneasy alliance to discover Zenith’s darkest secrets and find home, love, and family along the way.

The Last McNary is a dark, loose retelling of the classic Anastasia. It is narrated from dual points of view.


After nearly 15 years of drawing my own blood, I shouldn’t be scared of needles. I’m not scared; not really, but I do loathe them. Maybe if they weren’t the cause of all my bruises, or maybe if I wasn’t one of the only people with O-negative blood in Zenith, I’d be less wary of them.

Bridie, Chapter 1

“You shouldn’t have to prove anything for someone to love you,” Mercy whispers in response.

I shake my head to my brother’s almost-fiance. “That’s your world, Merce. Not mine. It never has been, and it never will be.”

Dyanna, Chapter 2

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