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The Last McNary

The city of Zenith—ruled by three monopolizing hospitals—is a sinister metropolitan built on draining blood from the homeless for profit. 25-year-old Bridie has spent her life dodging capture, struggling to survive, and attempting to forget the family who abandoned her on the street 15 years ago. However, when frightening ghosts begin to stalk her trail and she mistakenly puts her trust in the wrong person, Bridie becomes McNary General Hospital’s newest bloodslave.

While at first she believes she’ll die a slow and painful death, Bridie soon discovers the hospitals of Zenith harbor even darker secrets than forcibly bleeding its lowest citizens. Along with Miles St. Sapien—the hospital president’s son, his mysterious fiance, and a cast of colorful characters, Bridie begins to unravel Zenith’s mysteries while finding home, love, and family along the way. Currently revising.

Comparative Titles: Riverdale, Anastastia, Circe

Aesthetic for The Last McNary. Images sourced from Pinterest.


Set in a distant future where humanity has decimated itself to just one civilization, Stenne, a routine-loving, rule-abiding nobody lives happily in the Commune’s totalitarian society. When tripping over a stranger named Stosen begins to unravel Stenne’s seemingly perfect world, she realizes the Commune is not as innocent and altruistic as she once believed. Stenne then escapes her home to uncover the truth behind the Commune’s lies while discovering who she is, why she’s different, and what she’s capable of in a world where the most fundamental human experience—choice—is under someone else’s control. Currently revising.

Comparative Titles: Wool, The Giver, Black Mirror (TV show)

Commission of Stenne & Stosen by Gabriella Bujdoso

Cooper & Parrish

Set in a fictional English countryside in the late 1800s, Anna Cooper, a young woman who once lived in the sleepy town of Billetsby, sweeps back into her hometown after exploring the world for 10 years. Soon after Anna’s arrival, a mysterious monster from the north threatens her while warning that more of its kind are coming. When stuck-up chemist and town erudite, James Parrish, aids her in killing the monster, the two take an immediate disliking to each other. However, as more beasts converge on Billetsby and the pair argues on the best way to deal with the threat, Anna and James must thrust their differences aside to save the town or work separately and risk their lives, as well as the lives of the townsfolk, in the name of pride. Currently writing.

Aesthetic for Cooper & Parrish. Images sourced from Pinterest.


In the fantasy world of Ondur, Pirate Queen Eta retains a commanding hold the six seas with her all-female crew. When a warlock murders most of her fleet, she and her remaining sailors seek revenge but are thwarted again. Eta realizes she must embrace the part of herself she drowned six years ago—tail, scales, and all—to save herself and her crew. Currently writing.

Aesthetic for Mertale. Images sourced from Pinterest.