DecWriMo Day 16 (12/17/19) | i promise i’m still here

HELLO EVERYONE. It’s just me, your friendly neighborhood Katti dragging herself through December and attempting to write while doing a million other things (lol).

I haven’t been able to write for close to a week which HURTS ME, but so is life. We’ve had a lot to do (and celebrate!) over the past few days – Lucas’ straight A semester being the main cause for celebration! He’s worked so. flipping. hard. the last six months and deserves every ounce of happiness and congratulations in the world. I’ve been so lucky to be able to spend time with him in this short break he has.

Between spending time with Lucas (and Ledger, who honestly is a different pup now that BOTH his parents are home almost all the time) and prepping for Christmas, I really haven’t been able to sit down long enough to write. While I usually write on my work lunch breaks, in the last week I’ve either used that time for something else or let myself chill, because honestly my brain needed it.

After the slug of writing I did a week ago, I also needed to give the story time to air out because it’s kind of (really) gross. I’m not happy with the pace – for some reason, I’m having a heck of a time trying to keep the action at a consistent speed. I’ve struggled with that from the beginning of writing this book, too! Either the characters are careening through 12 crazy situations or sitting on a rooftop staring out at nothing and that’s not how I want the story to go.

Tonight I was able to tinker with the current chapter (chapter 3) a little bit. I need to add some scenes in and make some time elapse so the next chapter, which is from Dyanna’s perspective, fits into the story better. There needs to be more characterization and world-building and I CAN DO THIS IF I TRY.

I’m hoping I can get back to actual writing soon, but I’ve been pondering how to fit these chapter puzzle pieces together in all my free time. I also organized my Spotify playlists a little more so I have easy access to listening to my most scene-inspiring songs. YAY for being semi productive!

Since it’s nearly midnight I want to sign off and get some sleep so ~maybe~ I can write tomorrow. Wishing all y’all lots of inspiration and happiness!

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