DecWriMo Day 3 (12/4/2019) | WORLD BUILDING

Hi all!! Apologies in advance for the shorter post – today is my birthday and I’ve had an incredibly relaxed and food-filled night! Know what else it was filled with?


I have such a love/hate relationship with world-building. Like, I love doing it sometimes because it’s fun to create expansive worlds inside your head but other times I’m like… “Why do I have to figure out the 200 year geo-political structure of this fictional country? Why can’t things just happen for no reason whatsoever?”

Well today I was in for a treat because my husband (first year med student currently very under the weather) cooked me dinner and as he cooked, he talked through some world building I did on my lunch break earlier in the day.

In THE LAST MCNARY, the world runs on blood. Like, $100 bill could be laying in the street and the only value it’d have to someone is that it could be a (terrible, awful) way to give someone a paper cut and steal their blood.

Yeah. Like vampires without the imbibing blood part.

So I’ve been wrestling for a few weeks now on how I want the economy to run. It’s no secret that I SCRAPED by with a low B in my econ class in college. I still don’t *fully* understand supply and demand. But I had to do some learning to get myself started today, and Lucas (my husband) was the catalyst who helped me figure out all the holes I still had left. So here’s a quick look at how the city of Zenith’s economy works:

Government and hospitals are fused together (super alarming, right?) in this future. Around 90% of the population is working class, a little less than 10% of people are “off the grid” (unregistered in the government’s catalog of citizens and their blood types and do not have a Blood Card – more on that later), and then there’s the top 1% of hospital and government executives who are rich because – you guessed it – they don’t use their own blood to buy things.

Most citizens have Blood Cards, which act as a credit card. You buy things on it like any normal person would, but you have a certain credit limit based on your height, weight, and gender (as present-day blood donation works – different sized people can donate different amounts). You can make payments (read: give the government your blood) at kiosks around the city. If you hit your credit line or overdraft… let’s just say that’s no bueno.

This is just the highest level overview, but it’s such a relief to have that part worked through. It’s especially awesome that I was able to do so with my husband and on my birthday šŸ™‚

#PitMad is tomorrow! I’ll probably pitch so I have to go craft some tweets. Happy December 4th, y’all, and have a wonderful night!

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