DecWriMo Day 2 (12/3/19) | SONGS

What’s inspiring me to write today? Music.

Ask literally anyone – my music tastes are eclectic and downright weird. I’ll go from listening to Beethoven to college a capella to Broadway hits to 2000s alt rock. Weird, I know.

Music has been really helpful to me in determining the feel and overall tone of Bridie’s story. I’ve been listening to the Anastasia broadway soundtrack (Lucas took me to see the Original Broadway Cast and I’m still not over it) in addition to a mix of The Chainsmokers/2000s alt rock like blink-182. The playlist I’m currently listening to on repeat is at the end of this post.

Bridie and Miles (two of the main characters in THE LAST MCNARY) have a really tumultuous relationship. There’s a spark between them, but they’re both very broken people and know that getting involved with each other probably isn’t the best idea in their present situation. However, sometimes they can’t help themselves but be carried away by their feelings, making for a really fun, but really challenging relationship to write.

I love this project so much because I get to fuse real history with the Anastasia movie and the Broadway version of Anastasia’s story. Each have unique pieces I’ve used to inspire myself – most recently, the song “Everything to Win” from the musical adaption helped me find a breakthrough of how some characters got from one scene to another.

I’m planning on writing a little tonight after the gym, and if I end up doing so, expect a snippet of my new chapter below!

Happy DecWriMo Day 2, everyone. Have an awesome Tuesday!

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