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Book Review: Lisa Buyer’s “Social PR Secrets”

Third Edition

Some might say Lisa Buyer’s book, Social PR Secrets: How to Optimize, Socialize, and Publicize Your Brand’s greatest value is the quality of information, but that truly comes second to a more impressive feat: Buyer’s easy-to-read chapters chock full of important and sometimes complex information. The writing style practices what Buyer preaches in her 300 or so pages. She clearly understands and has perfected her trade – communication – and uses her writing as a vehicle for her message: becoming a PR trendmaster in your company or industry.

Nicknamed by Sarah Evans, digital correspondent and author of [Re]frame: Little Inspirations for a Larger Purpose as the “communication professional’s modern-day handbook,” Social PR Secrets’ non-threatening format allows anyone to feel comfortable reading while they are exposed to tactical and practical public relations tips. Some of the best features of the book remain:

  • Tips and tricks for success on multiple platforms
  • The shift in media relations and press releases
  • A thorough resources list

Buyer treats readers to almost double the content as her second edition of Social PR Secrets, with new information that teaches readers how to traverse new online landscapes like Linkedin, Pinterest and Facebook and tips for online writing, like inviting

Lisa Buyer: Speaker, journalist and educator on the trending topic of social media and SEO influence on PR.

guest writers to post on a blog. Social PR Secrets also makes it clear that rules for both media relations and press releases look nothing like they did 20 years ago. As if Buyer hadn’t given up all her knowledge already, she includes several glossaries in the back of the book like the “#SocialPRSecrets Twitter List” and the “Social PR Terminology Cheat Sheet.” These resources not only offer readers a chance to dive into the heart of social PR immediately but begin to cultivate thoughtful social media strategists out of all readers.

Truly, Buyer’s book Social PR Secrets is one of the best tools PR practitioners can have in their belts. It will sit on my shelf next to the AP Stylebook for years to come (or at least until the next edition is released!).

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