The New Rules

It may be close to graduation, but that doesn’t mean the learning stops.

I’m especially excited to look into a few of the “new rules” of media relations, press releases and more because my job after graduation (yay!!) really values the quality of life-long learners. It also expects employees to be at the edge of innovation when it comes to internet marketing, so I feel this post is incredibly fitting.

Looking to just a few “new rules,” I’ll analyze two: Craft a news release worth reading and Show your compassion for the community.

I chose to talk about writing quality news releases because I truly believe it’s one of the most important pieces of knowledge in the communications world. Who wants to read crap all the time? I know my eyes glaze over at the first comma splice. Learning how to write well and include quality content makes a world of difference.

More to this point – writing a news release about a “big news story” that tons of others have already covered isn’t good enough. Make sure the subject matter of your release is as important as the writing.

I’m excited to talk about this: Showing your compassion for the community vastly improves media relations and makes you (/your company) a whole lot more reliable. To others, you’re not just about dollars and cents anymore; you’re committed to increasing the social good to put out in the world.

This is close to my heart – for the last four years in PRSSA, I’ve been heavily involved in all the organization’s philanthropies. I knew when I applied to jobs, the company needed to be committed to helping others as well. I’m so proud to be an #FXer and become part of something much bigger than myself – this company gives 1000 times over of itself and involves every employee and department to making this world better. My favorite? The company-wide initiative #FXBuilds – a program that takes each department’s successes and turns it into a financial gain for a predetermined charity.

I only talked about a few aspects… there are literally dozens to talk about!

What is your favorite “new rule?” Is there a certain rule you notice yourself using the most, or maybe forgetting?

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