Embracing ESFP

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If anyone is to be found spontaneously breaking into song and dance, it is the ESFP personality type.

If there’s one sentence that can sum me up to a stranger, that’s probably it. I constantly mouth along the words to the song I’m listening to as I walk through campus, use jazz hands in all of my explaining and have literally broken into song and dance on numerous occasions.

When Lucas had to take the Myers-Briggs test for his class, I decided to take it again. I couldn’t remember my last results and wanted to see how close we were to each other. He’s an ENFJ (“The Protagonist”) and I’m an ESFP (“The Entertainer”), which I was honestly kind of embarrassed to be.

When I read over the ESFP personality type, I saw a self-centered, immature, unfocused adult-child and laughed that people were actually like that. Then Lucas pointed out that was literally me.


It took me a few minutes to actually see what he was talking about through some research and self-reflection. After the last few days though, I’m more cognizant of my personality and see it shine through in every situation I’m in. outlines some of the strengths and weaknesses of ESFPs so I’d like to share how Katti ESFPs.

Disclaimer: This is “personal” Katti. “Professional” Katti is probably something closer to an ENFJ.


  • Bold – I don’t know if I’d say “bold” as much as I’d say “confident in social situations.” I will say, I’ll usually step out of my comfort zone if I know there’ll be a fun payoff. I won’t if I know the consequence of being bold will lead to conflict (see weaknesses).
  • Original – I can define myself as original as the website does: “Traditions and expectations are secondary to ESFPs, if a consideration at all. ESFP personalities love to experiment with new styles, and constantly find new ways to stick out in the crowd.” I absolutely do what I want, when I want for the sake of the experience. This sometimes comes back to bite me, though (also see weaknesses).
  • Showmanship – This is me if I ever read it. Maybe not in how I dress (because I’d rather be comfortable in yoga pants), but in every other aspect of my life. Ask anyone who knows me what “the best thing in the world” is to me. They won’t be able to answer because I say that about literally everything.
  • Practical – I’ll define this by the website’s description too: “To ESFPs, the world is meant to be felt and experienced. Truth is stranger than fiction, and ESFPs prefer to see and do than to wax philosophical about ‘what-ifs.'” I hate planning ahead and love to just “do.” I’ll often ignore some practical advice because I want to have an experience and honestly, it’s turned out okay. Can’t win ’em all, but you can have fun.
  • Observant – I notice the little things – haircuts, changed decor, something new in a routine; the like. I’m not so great at picking up the big things though (ironic). Lucas is much better at reading a situation than I am.
  • People Skills – I always tell people I picked PR as my major because I hate math, science, teaching and lawyers but I love talking to people. I’m lucky it worked out for me; I like it and I’m good at it! Making new friends is the best and I’m that person that asks to do icebreakers.


  • Sensitive – Yep. Absolutely. When I was little (and still now, honestly), I’d say someone telling me I did something wrong  is”yelling at me.” It’s different at work; I’m actually very receptive to constructive criticism in a professional setting. But at home with the people I love most, I hate disappointing them (also, conflict) but I also make myself the center of the problem so it turns into a sticky, angry mess and is never fun.
  • Conflict-Averse – I don’t know if I hate anything more than conflict. I would probably pay a butt-load of money to never have to argue again. Even though I know its healthy and alleviates jumbled-up situations, I HATE IT.


  • Easily Bored – My mom literally bought BAGS of activities to keep me entertained on a two-hour car ride to the beach. Until I was like 12. I honestly need constant visual, auditory or tactile stimulation.
  • Poor Long-Term planners – This is also totally me. I hate planning ahead (again, not so for “professional” Katti), which is problematic, especially with divorced parents. We usually need to figure out in October who gets what for the holidays and it stresses me out, which makes me procrastinate, which usually results in a conflict, which makes a sad Katti.
  • Unfocused – see “easily bored.”

Well, there you have it! ESFP Katti in all her glory.

Now obviously this isn’t the “end-all, be-all” and I don’t have other aspects of a personality except these strengths and weaknesses. I just wanted to give a quick snapshot of my personality to my followers and how I view my Myers-Briggs results. Let me know yours! Is there anything about my results that you simply can’t understand how I function?

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