Working the Dream: Entertainment!

Hi there! So for today, I have a very special announcement! This month, I will be conducting interviews with my friends in different roles in the DCP to show everyone just what we do down here! I hope you enjoy the first installment!

My roommate Jessie talked to us for just a second on the basics of her job in entertainment: A character attendant! Here’s the short clip below:

(Yes, we do have on I HEART Swan Court shirts! And ignore the weird end; I didn’t know what to ask on the spot.)

So she laid out the basics for you, but I’ll tell you the real deal: She’s the muscle behind the magic! Character Attendants are Jack/Jill-of-all-trades. Not only are they the sweetest and nicest of the bunch, they rule over the lines and stanchions with an iron fist. No matter how big those puppy dog eyes are, YOU CANNOT MEET GASTON RIGHT NOW. HE HAD TO GO HUNTING SO HE CAN IMPRESS BELLE. HE WILL BE BACK IN 15 TO 20 MINUTES.

The character attendants (or their loving nickname, “Blueberries”) are my favorite cast members in the park. Plus how cool would it be to hang out with Mickey or Minnie or Alice or Woody all day?! She makes sure they get their much needed breaks after meeting all their adoring fans, preps the guests to have the best time EVER with Buzz or Br’er Rabbit or Donald, and answers a litany of questions while making sure her character friends are safe.

Character Attendant, from what I’ve seen, is one of the rarest roles to be awarded in the DCP. Along with Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, these roles are in short supply because 1) there aren’t a ton of the shifts in the park (less for BBB), and 2) the full-time/part-time/seasonal cast members have some of these jobs too, which lowers the need for CPs even further. From my personal experience in the park, I think the largest roles to be cast in during the DCP are QSFB (Quick Service Food and Beverage), Merchandise and Attractions. If you are interested in applying to the Disney College Program and want more information, please comment below and ask me! The DCP Website is an awesome resource as well.

I’ve seen Jessie work, and I have to say, she is probably my favorite attendant in the park. I’ve seen and interacted with others, but the passion and charisma she has for her job and Disney World in general make being in her line so much more special. Go give her a huge shout out HERE!

Thanks for tuning into the first post of this month. New series start the first week of every month, if you haven’t already figured that out yet. Have a magical night!

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