Disney in Action: Animal Kingdom!

SHOCKER. I didn’t get a video for this blog post. I wish I did, but the days I have off are literally devoted to homework and laundry and grocery shopping. Once I’m done my online classes, I can finally enjoy the 2 months (SAD FACE) I’ll have left!

So Animal Kingdom is kind of the weird cousin of all the parks, in like every way you look at it. I have to say though, their entertainment is pretty fun.

While there’s not a lot of entertainment, the things DAK does have are great. Exhibit 1: Festival of the Lion King.

I LOVE THIS SHOW. Timon is probably my favorite part because of his sass and the tumble monkeys he plays around with, but the entire thing is just too cool for school. The emcees each take a section of the audience (I was a lion!) and make the sounds of that animal in different times of the show. Classic Lion King songs are sung and aerial acrobats are kicking butt swinging and jumping and flipping! At the very end, the guests from the first few rows are invited to come dance with the animals of the jungle.. It’s seriously the bomb. One of my favorite things to do in Africa!

Also check out Finding Nemo the Musical – it’s cool! In my opinion, Finding Nemo wasn’t a musical for a reason. But the songs are catchy and the show is really great for all ages! Bright colors and fun effects really make it a spectacle to see. It’s located right between Asia and Dinoland!

If you walk into the park around 9 or 10, keep a close eye on the trees… some of them move!! Well not some, just one. Meet DiVine, the living grape vine in Animal Kingdom’s Oasis. She hides in the trees and makes for absolutely beautiful pictures.

One of my other favorite things to do is Dinoland, USA’s “Dinoland Dance Party”! I love it soo much! It’s one of the only places you can meet Slim from Bug’s Life! A lot of random characters pop up at the dance party to groove and “Shake it Off!” One guy you can usually catch there is Br’er Fox… he loves to dance to “What Does the Fox Say?!” The other cast members dressed in different colored shirts and dancing are really fun too! They love to take pictures and dance with all the guests! I seriously recommend joining in! I think the times of it are somewhere around 3:15 and 5! However, I’ve heard rumors of it ending so get there as soon as you can!

There are a few pop-up shows around Africa, Asia, Discovery Island and Dinoland USA, but they’re not well publicized and I’ve only seen the African one for a minute or so. It’s cultural music, just like the ones at EPCOT, and they’re featured prominently so you won’t miss them on a walk through the park!

On the very rare occasion, you might run into a popup character! I met Timon one day when I was leaving the park! I’ve also seen Flik and Br’er Rabbit and Terk. It depends on how the animals are feeling, but you just might find an unexpected surprise at the end of your days!

Thanks for the WILD ride into Animal Kingdom with me, be sure to share my posts if you like them and don’t hesitate to ask questions!

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