Wow, it feels good to breathe!

I have been working NON. STOP. This past week was very rough and I didn’t get to check even my email for the whole week. I had time to talk for a few minutes on the phone either during my lunch break or at 11pm when I got off.

But finally some air!

I have some easy but long shifts this week, and I always look forward to Tuesdays and Wednesdays (my weekend!). I usually use those days to do my immense amount of homework, but at least I can stay in my PJs all day!

I will be uploading a vlog later today to chronicle my time at Hollywood Studios with Ashton, Jessie, Chelsea and all my other girlies! Then I will have a blog post up about Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

Sorry for the delay of pictures and everything, it’s just been super crazy. Hope y’all have a magical rest of your day!

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