Disney College Program

Easy Street

Hello Humans!

So as you can probably already tell, no videos have been posted, which means NO WIFI. I am dying. I’m not even able to do my homework for the 3 online classes I’m taking so now I’m super stressing out!
On the Disney side of things: life is good! I feel that being at college prepared me well for the living situation. Besides missing Lucas Miles an insane amount, I haven’t really gotten homesick and can deal with all the housing issues! Vista Way is Vista Way and we’re just taking it one step at a time!šŸ™ˆ
As far as actual activities I’ve done, it’s pretty sparse. This week has been really easy for me! I was free all Monday, had casting and housing Tuesday (both filled with paperwork and magic!), and today I had an extra step for my role in the morning, but the rest of the day is mine! Tomorrow I am free the whole day, and Friday is Traditions (!!), which I cannot wait for!!!! I start my training on Sunday, and right now I only know of my first training day on Monday (they are 10+ hour days). So this week, I still have two free days but no access to the parks. I’ll get my homework done and hopefully explore more!
I’m also interested in getting an Annual Pass to Universal. I’m sure I’ll go there more than 2 times in the six months I’m here, and the Pass is cheaper than two tickets of admission! So in my eyes, it sounds like a good deal.
I am pretty tired because of the early mornings and staying up late with roommates, but once I start working, I’ll lay out a good schedule.
All in all, my DCP first days are awesome. I can’t wait for Internet, but once I have that, it will be smooth sailing!
Have a wonderful rest of your day friends and family! And especially YOU, Lucas Miles šŸ™‚

Sending love and Pixie Dust!

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