The End of an Era (/semester)

As it’s my last day of classes for the Fall semester, I thought it’d be fitting to write the generic “hard work pays off” post. But it really, really does.

I told you in the last update that I was taking 18 credits and had a litany of extra-curriculars to keep me busy. Let me tell you, this semester was such a whirlwind. It seems as if these past few months dragged on forever, and then again it feels that they passed in the blink of an eye. I am so incredibly proud of this semester though, and I’m my toughest critic.

I’ve really been blessed with more than I could ever ask for. I have the most wonderful support system behind me, led by my wonderful Lucas Miles. Everything I was able to accomplish, you reinforced my ability to. I’ve encountered so many exciting opportunities and was able to work hard with different peers and staff to achieve goals I never thought I’d see as a sophomore. I had God behind me the whole time, watching over me and helping me in literally every way. I truly, truly believe I was able to survive this semester because of Him. And not only survive it, but excel.

I was given a card by my PRSSA family yesterday wishing me good luck at Disney. Looking at all the signatures and messages almost made me cry. Most of this semester, I was wrapped up in myself while cramming for test, working ahead on projects and keeping myself as busy as I could be. I never realized how others perceived me, and that I gave off such a glow (their words, not mine!) even when I thought I was stressed and angry and mean.

So I guess this semester taught me the importance of being myself, to never give up, and to trust in God. Most importantly, I learned that if I dream it, I most certainly can do it.

Merry Christmas y’all! Have a wonderful winter!:)

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