Guest Writer!

My boyfriend, Lucas, wrote an extremely inspiring poem I’d like to share with all of you! Unfortunately, he does not have a blog. But I wanted his work to be shown! I didn’t edit or touch anything; merely copied it off the paper he gave me! Enjoy his amazing words!

Do not think cutting out my tongue will silence my breath

For the pounding in my chest will scream until death

Gouging my eyes will not prevent my sight

For my vision will be seen by all who choose to fight

Only a fool would choose to deafen my ear

For my battle cry will be for all to hear

Crippling my hands would not deter me to write

For my actions will inscribe themselves in history’s plight

Breaking my legs would only epitomize my cause

For I stand firm that is a soldier’s clause

A bullet could not stop my heart from beating

For I’m embodied in others never fleeting

You are mistaken to simply decapitate my head

For the ideas inside will not die, but spread

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