Open When… You Can’t Sleep


“Open When… You Can’t Sleep” actually should have been done a while ago. I had bought a small book called “Dream Symbols” at Five Below, but it ended up being too fat for the envelope 😦 So I just used a list I found on the internet of common dream symbols, made an infinite loop of sheep for him to count to fall asleep, “quick tips” to fall asleep fast, a cigar to calm him and relax him, and the book “Go the **** To Sleep” as some light reading before he nods off! And of course, the handwritten letter, a bible passage, and a picture will be added!

2 thoughts on “Open When… You Can’t Sleep

    • iamgirlofwords says:

      Hey Paige! Thanks for your comment!
      The letter mostly just says that “I’m sorry you can’t sleep, but remember all the wonderful snuggles we’ve done, and all the snuggles you’ll get when you come home.” I tried to describe what it was like to sleep in his arms so even though it might not make him sleepy, he can at least relax and find comfort for a little bit.


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