Open When… You’re Bored

Open When... You're Bored

This is my first installment in showcasing Lucas’ “Open When…” Letters for when he goes to AT (Annual Training). He doesn’t know about it at ALL, and I’m so excited to give them to him:)

This envelope includes just a few things for him to occupy himself with when he’s bored: two coloring book pages of the Hulk (his favorite superhero) with crayons, two word searches about love and the Bible, a word search I made myself about the military, a crossword puzzle about our relationship, a relationship questionnaire (A sort of “would I rather,” “My Favorite…,” etc. I don’t remember the website I got some of my questions from, I’m sorry!), and one of those fortune things that we all used to make in elementary school! The inside flaps alter from motivational quotes to secrets about myself, to random Snapple Facts, a Bible verse (usually they follow the lines of which envelope they’re in, but most of the ones I could find that related to bored had to do with Sloth so I just wrote him a cute note!), and I still need to put a picture in it! I haven’t decided if it should be just me or the both of us, or maybe make it a puzzle he has to put together!

In all, I’ll been making about 20 letters. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to contact me!

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