Happy Not So New Year

So this is how it all ends.

I’m currently sitting on my bed, eating a bowlful of popcorn, watching old Harry Potter movies, and listening to the din of my parent’s party guests waft through the hallway into my room. Alone.



2012 is almost over. It doesn’t matter what you said you’d do a year ago. What matters is if you’ve actually done it. Have you done anything remarkable in the past 364 days, or are you still waiting for opportunity to bite you in the ass?

Have you accomplished anything?

I don’t feel alone. Not tonight. Even though most of my friends have other plans, be it parties or homework or work, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere than where I am. This break, away from the chaos of “normal” life, I’ve been sort of reflective amidst the endless reading and movie watching. But those are just some errant thoughts, with nothing to do with anything at the present moment. What I really wanted to say consists of just one word:


What are you going to do this year?

For most of the population, a new year means new beginnings. For a week. New Years isn’t some magical holiday that wipes everyone’s minds of the past year. It’s an ancient reminder that people never change. New Years is just a time that people make promises and break them. Really, it isn’t different than any other day of the calendar year, besides an increased amount of inebriated adults roaming streets all over the world.

I probably sound incredibly cynical, and I totally understand that. Over the past few days, I’ve really stepped back from my life and watch, not as a pilot but as a passenger. To see what the world is coming to. And I realize that I really don’t like it. I don’t like the politicians running the country. I don’t like the media’s skewed portrayal of every facet of life. I don’t like the twisted knot of scum that society’s become. That’s why I like movies and books so much, I think. They give us an escape from everything we can’t control. They take us to a place where if we don’t like what’s happening, we can change the channel or put the book down. It’s controllable. The problem is, books and movies aren’t real life. Reality has no emergency break or the ability to just close the book… Not really. They reflect factions of reality that people want, but almost all don’t have.

But forget about movies, books, and the uncontrollable. What is controllable is your life. So instead of making more empty promises you know you can’t keep, just try as hard as you can to do something good each day. It could be something small or something large; for yourself or for others. Donating to a charity or buying yourself the pair of sunglasses you always stare at in the store window. The book “14,000 Things to be Happy About” gave me some perspective on life, and what truly makes life worth living (it’s a good read, seriously).

Get ready for 2013, because it sure as hell is ready for you. Smile much, laugh often, and be the person you want to be.

Happy New Year.

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