A (not so brief) History of Nothing

I started this back in what… April? I feel bad that I haven’t really updated it a lot. Or like, at all. Honestly, I’m kind of mad at myself. Because this was supposed to be for myself, and if others related to my writings, that was an added bonus. If you’ve been following my other blog (, you’d know that I’m trying to make my summer as eventful as possible. But sometimes that isn’t a good thing. Now I’m faced with working 3 jobs in one day (on a few days of the week) and only one day to get the entirety of my homework, get togethers, and bucket list completed–not to mention choosing my entire future. I’ve been relishing these past two weeks and have tried to make them last as long as possible, but my time has come to an end. I start working tomorrow. Hashtag sad face.

Anyways, back to writing this blog. I am so fortunate to be blessed with a talent for writing (this is what my parents tell me, I’m not that conceited), and I’m glad that some of my readers can relate to me. I started by writing in Microsoft Word when I had an inspiring idea that needed to be remembered. I accumulated about fifteen, and decided to put them on the internet. They had helped me muddle through my feelings and left me with a sense of lightness. Writing has always helped my mind unwind.

When I began working on SBL2012, I began to wonder if my intent had changed. Was I really putting my writings out there only for myself? I realized, I wasn’t. If you would ever meet me in person, you’d see that I’m extrememly open with everyone I meet. So why do I need a different persona behind a computer screen? I realized I was now writing to share. The internet is a (mostly) wonderful place with millions of thinkers, dreamers, and people just like you. I didn’t see anything wrong in wanting to share with everyone around me, and I believe that change translates into everyday life. You may start out doing one thing with a very specific, concrete intent. At the end of your process, that intent might have done a 180. But I don’t think that’s bad at all. As long as you’re not purposely harming someone, the change is probably good.

I’m not sure if I made any sense whatsoever in the previous paragraphs. It was just a whole bunch of inspiration smushed together. If you’ve gotten to this point, however, I congratulate you. Except no one but you will know you’ve read the entire way through. But like I did with this blog, be happy you did it for yourself, and now you can tell everyone you know that this crazy girl rambles for paragraphs at a time on practically nothing. Until next time 😉

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