Stress. It gets even the best of us.

I don’t know if there is anything more stressful than being a junior in high school. I’m probably talking out my ass and there are at least ten things you could think of that are more stressful (being held at gun point, becoming the president, waiting to see if you’re the next tribute in the Hunger Games, etc…). My point is, school can put so much pressure on a student that it’s not even possible to function. That feeling of barely holding your head above water, the threat of drowning apparent for any moment. It takes courage to live life; no one can glide through easily and effortlessly. Its just not humanly possible.

You see, I’m supposed to be doing homework right now. I have a two-page paper to write, two presidential outlines, a school-related blog post, a very complicated and large algebra packet, and a health test for which I need to study. Too bad I haven’t started anything yet and it’s already 5:15. And I’m missing school on Friday (its Wednesday) to tour a college.

Yeah. I’m screwed.

Aside from school (which I think I’ve made my point in that it is the MOST STRESSFUL THING EVER), there are plenty of other things to get stressed about: a performance, a sport competition, a job, a date; literally anything. It really just depends on your personality. What stresses you out isn’t as important as how you handle that stress, though.

I find music to be the most calming, especially the classics. Also, if I make a list and am able to cross jobs out after I get them done; I have a feeling of accomplishment that fuels my energy for the next task. But really, there are thousands of ways to cope with stress. Preferably not by inflicting violence on others, though. I know it’s an awesome reliever, but you might get in trouble. And then you’ll just have more stress.

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