dreams musings


Sure, everyone has expectations of what their life is going to be. But do those pipe dreams ever come true? No. Once in a blue moon someone will succeed, and the rest of us will sit and scowl at them; too overcome by our own defeat to actually rejoice for someone who worked hard to get what they wanted.

Dreams are the epitome of commonality. They’re the escape from life that lets an imagination envision what could be, if only. If only what? If only you had the courage to try? If only you really wanted to succeed?

I heard in a speech once that you have to want success like you want air. And, really, that is a pretty difficult thing to imagine. Air might be the single most thing in this world taken for granted. Even those who scrape by on garbage trims of meat have an infinite amount of air at their disposal. But when you think about it, air is the only thing really keeping us alive. Take it away, and there is nothing. Absolute nothingness.

To want success like you want air is tricky, really tricky. It means sacrifice. It means longing. It means tears, sweat, blood. Everything in your life should be directed to that one thing you want to succeed at. Maybe you’ve failed all the tests this quarter in Chemistry class. You’ve made a promise to yourself, though; a promise that will bring crushing defeat and gloominess once broken. You promise yourself that you are going to ace this last test. You need to study for a week in advance, then, because you’ve been thrown behind in this quarter, what with all the failing grades. You need to miss your favorite television show to practice the problems in the book. You need to ask your teacher for help; because, face it. You wouldn’t be in this class if it wasn’t for the homework he gave you and explaining he did.

And then, when the kid in front of you hands back the blank piece of white paper, you should be done in ten minutes, triple checked and all. You are ready for this. You are going to ace that test. And you do.

So my example may have been weak, but I know it’s something at least some of you can relate to. Some dreams seem so unattainable that it’s almost a waste of energy to try. But I don’t want any of you to ever think like that.

Everyday, there’s going to be a new challenge for you to face. Every day, some will try to bring you down. And sometimes, they’ll succeed. Because no one can always win everything. But you can fight your damnest and try.

I have a dream. I dream that I will strike it big. I’ll get out of my small-town rut, fly to California, and lazily spend the rest of my days writing best-selling books and eating cupcakes with Josh Hutcherson. Of course, this dream does not have that much reality to it. But I believe that I can (and hopefully will) accomplish just a bit of it. I want to leave the small town I so despise. I want to be a writer; a successful one with words of wisdom to which people look to. I want to find happiness wherever I go. The percentage of writers who actually make is slim to none. And the likelihood of me moving across the country without a crutch to lean back on is stifling. And literally every one of my friends have reminded me of the heart-breaking truth that I will never meet Josh Hutcherson. He’s just so damn sexy.

My point is, whatever people tell you to deter from dreams is wrong. In everything, there is a sense of truth and a probability of success if you just try. Besides, the only difference between dreams and delusions are the number of supporters.

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